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It comes as a surprise to most casino patrons that unpaid casino markers carry with them criminal and civil charges. What this means is that either the state or the casino can find you at fault for harboring casino marker debts, the likes of which may force you to serve jail time depending on the severity of the charges.

Always a major tourist attraction, gambling has been a part of the Las Vegas scenery for years. Las Vegas casinos have long been accommodating their patrons by making it as easy as possible for highrollers to come into town, spend their money, and have a good time. Part of the deal is that as a favor for all of the credit that you have been extended, that you pay back any debts that are unresolved prior to your departure. Every so often this doesn’t happen, usually because the casino patron is unaware of the possible charges that can ensue from such offenses. Some additional areas where Nevada law has strict policy on debt are:

FAQs About Casino Marker Debt

Why is it that unpaid casino markers carry penalties in Nevada that are s different than other states that have casinos?

As it turns out, Nevada has had to enforce strict laws when it comes to not paying casino debts because it is such a large part of the industry. As a result, many laws are in place that make holding casino debt a felony offense.

In Nevada, the same can be said for writing bad checks or committing wire fraud. It goes without question that an experienced Las Vegas casino marker attorney should get the call to handle your case once you have been charged with an unpaid marker. If you do not hire an attorney, you will have to deal with a warrant being issued for your arrest, as well as the numerous notices and paperwork that will be sent to you asking for you to repay your casino markers.

How does the process take to unfold once it has been determined that you have a casino debt?

Both the DAs office and the casino are required to start the process of collecting the markers before the state can officially charge you for the offense. You will be notified of your outstanding debt and given a chance to pay them before any actions are taken to charge you.

Bank Account Draws
Once the casino alleges that you have an outstanding marker, they are allowed to automatically draw from your bank account after about 30 days. At this point, if your account shows insufficient funds then you’ll be notified.
Prior to contacting the DAs office for prosecution, a Nevada casino has to send you a notice in writing to your last known address that gives you 10 days to repay the marker. Here is what the 10 day notice might look like.

Casino Marker Default Arrest Warrant

After all these steps have taken place and still no marker has been paid, the District Attorney will decide to prosecute you and ask the judge for your arrest warrant. The severity of the arrest warrant has to do with a number of factors, one of which is your status as an in-state or out-of-state resident.

The Brian J. Smith Law Office has successfully defended many casino marker cases. More often than not, the law firm builds an unpaid marker case, or uses their resources and experience in these cases to negotiate settlements with the District Attorney’s Office, meaning that you can have your life back and put the situation behind you permanently.