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Drug Crimes

Recognized most often for its glitz, glamour and bright lights, the state of Nevada is quite harsh when it comes to drug crime prosecution. Nevada boasts some of the strictest drug laws in America. Distribution of certain substances and drug possession are among the areas that the greater Las Vegas Metropolitan Police have decided to crack down on. Many celebrities and countless residents have been dealt serious charges that range from large fines to significant jail time.

Charged with a Drug-related Crime?

If you have been charged with a drug-related crime, it is in your best interest to contact and communicate with a Las Vegas drug crimes attorney to go over your best plan of action. There are many different categories of drug charges, including:

Las Vegas Drug Court

If you have been charged for a drug-related crime for the first time, there is a possibility that your case can be dismissed on the condition that you attend Drug Court in Las Vegas. These classes may consist of rehab programs and drug education.


Las Vegas Recovery Center – provides rehab and treatment for chronic pain and addictions.
Nevada Revised Statutes Chapter 453 – Controlled Substances – Nevada’s Uniform Controlled Substances Act.
The Watershed (Nevada Drug Rehab Treatment Center) – is a recognized drug addiction treatment center that creates an optimal environment to those dealing with addiction.

Depending on the class of the drug and prior drug charges, the consequences that can come from certain drug offenses in Nevada can be very harsh. The Brian J. Smith Law Office is known for their knowledge and attention to details with drug cases. Contact a Las Vegas criminal lawyer as soon as you are charged with a drug-related offense.

Drug Possession Penalties in Nevada

Drug possession in Nevada carries with it a number of penalties that are determined by varying factors according to NRS 453.336, including:

  • the schedule of the drug
  • the amount of the drug
  • previous drug convictions

First-time drug possession charges can often be reduced or even dismissed. Some common penalties for first-time drug possession charges in Nevada include:

  • Probation
  • Suspended jail sentence
  • Drug Court/Rehab

For non-first time drug possession offenses, charges will be classified as Category D or Category E felonies. In Nevada, Category D felonies carry fines of up to $20,000 and a jail sentence of one to four years. The less severe Category E felonies carry with them a fine of up to $5000 and jail time up to one year. An experienced criminal attorney in Las Vegas will attempt to use certain mitigating factors to reduce the charges and penalties that you might have to face.

Possession for the Purpose of Sale in Nevada

Based on the quantity of the drug held in possession, along with other factors, an individual may be charged with intent to distribute. Under NRS 453.338, it is unlawful to possess illegal drugs with the intent to sell. The determining factors in the severity of the charges include evidence of the intent to sell, and being in possession of illegal drugs.

Although possession of an illegal drug is fairly easy to determine, it can be difficult to show evidence of the intent to sell the illegal drugs. Factors that may hurt your drug possession case and lead authorities to believe that you are attempting to sell drugs include:

  • weapons found on the person
  • a lot of cash found in small denominations
  • bags or scales found on location

There are a number of areas for an experienced drug crimes attorney to create a defense for you, including:

  • Nevada search and seizure inaccuracies
  • Violations of Nevada laws of entrapment
  • Inaccuracies in police reports
  • General lack of evidence