White Collar Crime Attorney in Las Vegas, Nevada


White collar crimes have to do with individuals who commit fraud at their place of employment, misrepresenting themselves in the hopes of receiving unlawful benefits. White collar crimes are not reserved for big companies with big scandals; small and medium-size business professionals such as lawyers, accountants, and doctors are just as likely to commit white collar crimes as larger companies.

The federal government, in conjunction with the state of Nevada, are currently seeking out people that have been accused of crimes related to fraud. Fraud is a broad term that can encompass many different types of crimes and illegal offenses.

My office has been very successful negotiating favorable decisions that keep my clients’ records clean. Some of the more common types of fraud include:

Credit card fraud – is an offense where an individual users another person’s credit card or tries to manufacture a false one.

Foreclosure fraud – happens if certain parties do not abide by the contracts that they have with homeowners.

Gaming fraud – is the illegal use of information with respect to Nevada gambling.

Health care fraud – results from medical professionals who mislead insurance companies about their level of financial entitlement.

Identity theft – is a fast rising federal offense, where people assume the identity of another individual with the intent of receiving benefits.

Mortgage fraud – is when facts are intentionally hidden concerning the details of a mortgage transaction. Because of the high rate of foreclosures in Nevada, mortgage fraud and foreclosure fraud have been on the rise.

Securities fraud – has to do with fraudulent acts involve investments or the stock market.

Nevada unemployment insurance fraud – involves either employees or employers who violate insurance laws.

Welfare fraud – occurs when an individual tries to deceive the social services program in the hopes of gaining more assistance than they deserve.

Bankruptcy fraud – is a federal crime for the individual makes false claims about bankruptcy proceedings.

Nevada workers compensation fraud – is the act of lying to get more money from workers compensation insurance.

Retain the services of a Las Vegas white collar crime lawyer to avoid some of the consequences of these charges, ranging from minor charges such as anger management and marital counseling, to much more serious charges, including significant jail time.



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Bankruptcy Fraud

Upon learning that you are facing fraud charges in Nevada, call my office to schedule a consultation. Upon learning the details of your case, we will discuss the best way for you to move forward, keep your record clean, and keep you out of custody.