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The lifelong ramifications of being charged with a sex crime can be devastating to your name and your future employment. Unfortunately, even a simple accusation of an alleged crime can uproot your life in a variety of ways. The time it takes between an accusation and a legal resolution can be long enough to do damage. If you don’t have proper legal representation, this stressful period can unravel your life quickly.

What is considered a sex crime?

In the wake of media surrounding sex crimes, it is good to have an understanding of what sexual acts are punishable by the legal system. Some of the most frequent sex crimes are:

  • Sexual assault
  • Date rape
  • Spousal abuse
  • Lewdness with a child
  • Indecent exposure
  • Child molestation
  • Child pornography
  • Sexual misconduct
  • Online solicitation of a minor
  • Sex offender offenses*

*As it stands, most people convicted of a sex crime have to register as sex offenders in Nevada. While there are levels of sexual offenses, once your name is on the registry — also known as Megan’s Law Registry — it will follow you everywhere. Whether you are looking for a job or applying for housing, your status as a sex offender can have far-reaching consequences.

Charged with a sex crime?

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Are their different levels of sex crimes?

Yes. There are four levels, or tiers, of severity regarding sexual crimes.

  • Tier 0 - This tier indicates a sex offender who is not likely to re-offend
  • Tier 1- This tier depicts a sex offender who poses the potential to threaten public safety by committing another offense. Local prosecutors and law enforcement are given notification of these individuals, as well as being provided with a criminal history.
  • Tier 2 - This tier depicts a sex offender who poses a substantial threat to the community. Local law enforcement, prosecutors, churches, and schools are notified of the whereabouts of these offenders.
  • Tier 3 - This tier represents the sex offenders proposed the highest threat to their immediate communities. Local law enforcement, prosecutors, churches, and schools are notified of the whereabouts of these offenders.

Because the severity of your charge directly influences the rest of your life, you need an experienced sex crimes attorney to ensure that the system is honest and fair in determining the level of your crime.

I have successfully defended numerous sex crimes cases in Las Vegas. As a former criminal prosecutor, I know what the opposition is looking for in these cases and I am prepared to fight for your defense and give you the best possible chance at a successful outcome.

Sex Crimes Attorney Serving Las Vegas, Nevada

If you have been charged or accused of a sex crime, you need an attorney to protect your individual rights. Even if you aren’t guilty, a criminal charge involving a sexual act can cause significant damage to your reputation. Your character shouldn't be judged by a low-point of your life. Let me defend your name.