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Attending Drug Court

It has been demonstrated time and again that people struggling with drug addiction will not be able to access the resources they need to deal with their problem by going to prison. If anything, prison [...]

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Defending Drug Possession in Nevada

In Nevada, it is not just selling drugs but also possessing drugs with the intention to sell them is a legal violation. Such crimes related to drugs would not only land the individual with penalties [...]

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Nevada Drug Selling Laws

In Nevada, the penalties for selling controlled substances can be severe, and can include fines in the thousands of dollars and prison time. If convicted of drug selling, you would have a criminal record which [...]

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Defending Drug Trafficking Offenses in Nevada

Anybody in Nevada who knowingly either sells, delivers, [intlink id="1377" type="post"]brings drugs into the state[/intlink], or manufactures them falls under the definition of a drug trafficker. Drugs that fall into the drug trafficking category are [...]

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Interstate Drugs Charges In Nevada

If you are in Nevada and you face felony drug charges, as the first line of defense your attorney will try to get the charges dismissed. If the state has strong evidence and you do [...]

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Drug Crimes

We don't have to tell you that a drug crime accusation carries serious legal consequences. At the Brian J. Smith Law Office, you will be meeting with a highly experienced drug charge attorney with a [...]

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