Gun and Weapons Charges

/Gun and Weapons Charges

Commission of a Crime With a Deadly Weapon

If there is a deadly weapon involved in a crime, Las Vegas judges will give harsher punishments. Keep reading if you want to know how a [intlink id="41" type="category"]Nevada firearms offense attorney [/intlink]describes the ramifications [...]

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Nevada Concealed Weapons Law

The state of Nevada does not require its residents to have a license in order to buy a weapon. However, they do have strict requirements for CCW or carrying concealed weapons. Here is an article [...]

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Consequences of Felon Firearm Possession

Once a person has had a felony conviction on record in Nevada, it is illegal for him or her to possess firearms. The penalties for this offense are high fines and possible imprisonment. [intlink id="30" type="page"]A [...]

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