Experienced Securities Fraud Representation

Securities fraud (also known as investment fraud or stock fraud) is a serious white-collar crime. These acts involve providing misleading or false information to investors to encourage them to purchase or sell. This violates security [...]

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Get Fair Representation With an Embezzlement Attorney

Why Hire an Embezzlement Attorney Being charged or investigated for embezzlement oftentimes means you have lost your job and will encounter various other issues including being unable to secure employment. When a company makes a [...]

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Why Do You Need a Mortgage Fraud Attorney?

Mortgage attorneys deal with a number of different issues surrounding the mortgage of a home. One of their most common responsibilities is working with lenders to help modify the loans in the event the borrower [...]

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Las Vegas’ Best Homicide Attorney

When a person has been charged with homicide, the penalties surrounding this charge can be the most severe. Without the right representation a person may wind up spending the rest of his or her life [...]

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Why You Need an Experienced Sexual Assault Attorney

If you face serious sexually-related charges and the threat of imprisonment and registry as a sex offender, you need a criminal defense attorney who understands the complexities, subtleties, and special challenges in your case. Simply [...]

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Work With a Successful Robbery Attorney

The legal definition of robbery is simple. Making the case, however, is extremely difficult. If you intentionally use threats, intimidation or force to take something of value from another person, you commit robbery. Force stands [...]

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Why Consult a Bad Checks Attorney?

An individual accused of writing a bad check can face serious consequences. The charge can range from a misdemeanor and result in a fine being paid, to a felony involving jail time. This is why [...]

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Choose the Right Identity Theft Attorney

Though the crime of identity theft has existed since long before the age of the Internet, the unfortunate truth is that the Internet and consequential easy transfer of information has helped identity theft to become [...]

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Leading Las Vegas Defense Attorney

Brian Smith, a highly regarded criminal defense attorney in Las Vegas, represents clients who have been charged or accused in regard to state and federal criminal issues. In this capacity he has practiced law in [...]

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