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Why You Should Never Plead Guilty to a Charge Without Consulting Your Attorney

Brian J Smith Dec. 20, 2012

After being arrested and charged with a crime, prosecuting attorneys are quick to offer plea agreements. In other words, they want to convince you that it will be quicker and easier for you to plead guilty, and that you will be rewarded with a lesser sentence than if you were found guilty in court. However, while pleading guilty might make the legal process faster in the short term, it can have long term consequences that can affect you, your family, and your career. Basically, the main purpose of these plea agreements is to benefit the prosecutors.

Everyone has the right to a fair trial.

Photo credit: s_falkow via photopin cc

Given this information, why would anyone plead guilty? Well, one common reason is that many people assume that they will be found guilty in court anyway, so they might as well work out a deal. This couldn’t be further from the truth; in many cases, there are legal routes and alternatives that most people may not even be aware of. For example, were you arrested with probable cause? Did the prosecuting attorney follow all legal procedures? If the prosecution did not cross all their T’s and dot all their I’s, it could be grounds for having your case thrown out, or the charges being dropped.

A criminal law attorney is the most qualified person to determine the best option for you. Furthermore, pleading guilty without a trial and being found guilty in court would both result in the same charge on your record, so you are really doing yourself a disservice if you do not even allow yourself a chance to fight your case in court. Do not waive your right to a trial; contact an attorney before you make a plea.