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Why You Need an Experienced Sexual Assault Attorney

Brian J Smith Nov. 8, 2012

If you face serious sexually-related charges and the threat of imprisonment and registry as a sex offender, you need a criminal defense attorney who understands the complexities, subtleties, and special challenges in your case. Simply being accused of a sex crime can be devastating and having competent legal representation from the very beginning is imperative.

Among veteran criminal attorneys, sexual assault cases are generally regarded as some of the most challenging. As “Law & Order” reminds you every week, “Sexually based offenses are considered the most heinous.” More importantly, though, long-time attorneys stress the difficulty of protecting “the presumption of innocence” in sexual assault cases. Defense counsel in sexual assault trials must strike a very delicate balance between disputing the evidence and preserving victims’ dignity.

Sophisticated strategies, tactics and techniques

Your Las Vegas sexual assault attorney has years of training and trial experience. It shows clearly in his preparation of your defense and his conduct of pre-trial negotiations and hearings. In all criminal cases, but especially in sexual assault cases, you risk damage to your reputation and you generally get a better outcome when your case does not go to trial. Effective preparation begins with exposure of all the weaknesses, inconsistencies, procedural and technical errors in the prosecution’s case.

Brian Smith takes pride in his accomplishments as a New York prosecutor and a Las Vegas defense attorney, and he encourages you to focus your search on actual clients’ testimonials about the quality of lawyers’ service. When you read comments and letters from Brian Smith’s clients, you will see their compelling proof of Smith’s exceptional dedication to clients’ and their families’ needs.

In Las Vegas, more than 50 high-powered law firms represent people facing serious criminal charges, and several of them argue they are “the best,” “the most experienced,” or “the most aggressive.” None of them, however, can rival Brian Smith’s record for simultaneously protecting criminal defendants’ rights, safeguarding their public and professional reputations, and caring for their families’ concerns. Contact Brian J. Smith and ensure your entitlement to a fair legal proceeding.