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Why Consult a Bad Checks Attorney?

Brian J Smith Nov. 8, 2012

An individual accused of writing a bad check can face serious consequences. The charge can range from a misdemeanor and result in a fine being paid, to a felony involving jail time. This is why it is imperative to consult a bad checks attorney. People charged with this crime will often shrug it off thinking that it will not be serious, but the consequences of not fighting the charge can end up being more severe than imagined. This is especially true in a state such as Nevada that has a long history of aggressive prosecution and harsh sentences.

Just because you have written a bad check does not mean that you are guilty of breaking the law. An experienced attorney understands the law and the differences, specifically in regards to intention. Obviously, what an average person considers to be a bad check is much different from the legal concept of a bad check. If you are arrested for writing one or more bad checks, you may be innocent, but without a lawyer on your side, you may end up paying fines that you could have avoided with legal counsel. You may even avoid jail time.

Always keep in mind that writing a check in Nevada that has insufficient funds is a crime. Often times people think of it as being a debt that someone is trying to collect, but it is not a debt. Make no mistake, writing bad checks can lead to charges being filed.

Casino markers that go unpaid may also be considered the equivalent of bad checks. If you have unpaid markers, the issue must be settled. If not, casinos are well known for aggressively pursuing payment and it is possible for arrest warrants to be issued for unpaid markers. A casino fraud attorney has a full understanding of what your rights are and the way in which to go about taking care of the problem. Make sure you have the advice of an attorney with a proven record of success. Brian J. Smith is one of Nevada’s finest and is committed to defending your rights.