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What to Do If You’re Arrested for the Possession of Drugs in Las Vegas

Brian J Smith March 30, 2015

Getting arrested for drug possession in any jurisdiction is never a great occurrence regardless of the substance in question or the circumstances. No matter where your arrest occurs, whether you’re in Las Vegas or another city, it’s important to avoid doing a few key things when the cuffs go on.

Actions to Avoid When Arrested for Drugs in Las Vegas

Whether you’re a local or just a visitor to Las Vegas, nothing ruins your night more than an arrest for illegal drug possession. Most assume that a drug arrest is a case-closed type of affair. Unfortunately, the arrest is just the start of the journey. What few people realize is that a great attorney can make a big difference. If you’ve been arrested for possession in Las Vegas, follow these simple rules.

Don’t Talk to Anyone, Ever

There is never a reason to talk to the police outside of identifying yourself. Let them know who you are and stop right there. Talking has sunk more ships than you can imagine. Within the first hour of being arrested, a literal army of law enforcement personnel will goad you to “talk” to them. Don’t do it. Talking to police under any circumstances is always a huge mistake, period.

Request a Lawyer Immediately

Besides staying mum, the next best thing you can do is request a lawyer. They’ll try to give you a public attorney. Don’t settle for it. The number one job of a public attorney is to get you to plea bargain. Avoid that trap by asking to hire your own attorney. The first 48 hours of your detention are always the most critical. Shut your mouth and get an actual attorney and you’re more likely to fare well.

The Best Defense Is a Good Offense

If you’ve encountered the misfortune of being arrested in Nevada, a Las Vegas criminal lawyer is what you need, and quick. They’ll know how best to defend you against whatever charge you’re facing. Don’t be intimidated by “the system” or the cops; they’re designed to frighten you. Be quiet and get a decent lawyer on your side, and you’ll be far more ahead of the game than most.