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What to Look for in a Las Vegas Controlled Substances Lawyer

Brian J Smith Aug. 21, 2014

If you have been charged with a drug-related offense in the Las Vegas area, it is essential to hire a competent and successful defense attorney. When accused of committing a crime, whether you are guilty or not, seeking the correct representation is the most important step. Without the right lawyer, you could face serious consequences, such as large fines, jail time, probation, and a tainted record. If you want to increase the chances that the case will be dismissed, a plea deal reached, or that the trial will result in a “not guilty” verdict, heed the advice of an intelligent attorney. There are a number of factors to consider when deciding on a criminal defense attorney.


Perhaps the most important factor to consider is your potential lawyer’s prior experience and specialties. An experienced lawyer will better serve every client and will often get better results. Related experience is also an important factor, so consider asking the attorney how many related cases he or she has handled in the past year. Where your representation specializes could be the key to your case. Twenty years of legal experience may not be relevant if it is not in handling cases involving controlled substances. You should only choose someone who exclusively practices criminal law, and maybe even someone who specializes in drug-related offenses.


Your lawyer should be able to answer all of your questions in language that you understand. The attorney you ultimately choose must be able to clearly explain the drug charges you are facing, what your legal rights are, what the prosecution needs to prove, how the evidence can be used against you in court, and the possible consequences you may face. If you are not comfortable talking with your potential attorney, then he or she is not right for you and your case. Remember, when a lawyer “guarantees” a result before evaluating your case, consider that a serious red flag.

Costs and fees

In serious cases, attorney charges may be of little to no importance. If you are facing lengthy prison time, it might be best to do whatever it takes to get the best quality representation possible. However, in less serious cases, the cost may be one of the more important deciding factors.

Good luck as you begin your thoughtful search for the right attorney. For more information about drug related offenses and representation, contact Brian J. Smith, a controlled substances lawyer in Las Vegas.