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What to Do When Accused of Shoplifting

Brian J Smith June 29, 2015

How to Handle Being Accused of Shoplifting

Shoplifting remains a big problem in the Las Vegas area. However, not everyone should be labeled as a thief. Due to being distracted, you may accidentally walk out of the store with a particular item. Here are some tips to keep in mind when accused of shoplifting.

Do Not Admit Guilt

Most large department stores have security personnel on the premises. While some of the security guards may wear uniforms, others blend in with the rest of the shoppers. If they suspect you of stealing any merchandise, they will usually approach you as you exit the store. The best approach is to remain as courteous as possible. If they ask you to sign any paperwork, simply decline. Often times, store security guards try to persuade shoppers to sign an admission of guilt document. When the police arrive to the scene, always remember your constitutional right to remain silent. Allow your lawyer to speak on your behalf.

Remain Calm

No one wants to be accused of a crime that they did not commit. However, it is important to keep a cool head. By avoiding a confrontation with the security personnel, the entire situation will be a lot less hectic.

Get the Proper Legal Representation

According to an experienced Las Vegas criminal lawyer, many stores opt to press charges against shoplifters. Often times, the charges will be dropped if the store cannot provide evidence of criminal intent.