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What to Do if I Get Caught Cheating in a Las Vegas Casino?

Brian J Smith June 30, 2018


The attraction of casinos is universal, most people hoping they will hit it big on just a few dollars. The fact is, it is difficult to beat casinos at their own game. Unfortunately, according to a federal criminal defense lawyer Las Vegas, this leads many people to try to cheat casinos in order to get an upper hand. Cheating a casino is a dangerous game that can lead to serious consequences.

Your Winnings Can Be Seized

If you are caught cheating, anything you may have won at the casino can be seized. Even if the casino suspects that you were cheating, they have the right to confiscate any winnings. There are some in Las Vegas who say the casinos use this illegally, claiming that winners are cheating in an effort to keep costs down.

Security Can Detain You

If the casino suspects you are cheating, they will immediately detain you. A casino can detain and question you if security believes you are cheating. In most cases, according to a casino marker debt attorney Las Vegas, neither the casino nor the security guards can be held criminally liable for detaining you, even if it is proven you were not cheating. The detention cannot be unreasonable and there must be probable cause to believe you were cheating. There are also limits on how long they can detain you and the conditions of the detainment.

You Could Be Blacklisted

If you are caught cheating at the casino, you could be blacklisted from the establishment. This means your name and information will be recorded and you will be barred from entering the premises. This information can be shared with the gaming commission, which makes the blacklist official. It can also be placed in the Griffin Book, which is shared with other casinos.

You Could Be Charged with a Felony

It is a felony to cheat at a casino in Nevada. If you are convicted, you could face one to six years in jail as well as a $10,000 fine. You will be required to pay restitution to the casino. If a casino finds evidence that you cheated, they will immediately call the police. The case will more than likely be handled by the Financial Crimes Unit.

You Won’t Get Beaten Up

One thing you won’t have to be concerned about is having a thug beat you up if you are caught cheating in a casino. In the past, casinos were tied to organized crime and it was not unusual for someone who cheated the establishment to suffer physical injury. Today, casinos are heavily regulated and their reputation is critical. The casino won’t like it if you cheat them, but they will follow the legal steps necessary for you to receive your punishment.

Casinos use many different methods to prevent cheating, including video footage and constant monitoring of the casino floor. If you try to cheat, it is likely you will get caught. If you are charged with cheating at a casino, it is absolutely critical that you contact a criminal defense lawyer in Las Vegas with experience dealing with casinos. Contact Brian J. Smith by calling 702-380-8248, emailing or by filling out the easy form online to arrange for a free, no obligation consultation.