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What Can Justin Bieber Teach Us About Criminal Defense?

Brian J Smith July 15, 2014

Justin Bieber is as polarizing a pop culture celebrity as we’ve seen in some time. The 20-year-old pop star has been through a lot since he blew up on the music scene in 2009, getting into trouble with the authorities on a number of issues ranging from reckless driving to vandalism. His latest run in with the law found Bieber chucking eggs at his neighbor’s house, which ended up costing the Canadian singer over $80,000 and two years of probation. So what can this young and entitled musician teach us about criminal defense?

The “Silly Prank” Defense

After causing thousands of dollars worth of damage to his neighbor’s dream house, Bieber and his law team explained that his actions were merely a “silly prank.” While many claim that their actions were simply a joke, Bieber’s law team put together a criminal defense argument that relied on the idea of “no intent.” In most cases, the person committing the crime has a motive and fully intended to perform their actions. But if the defense can prove that a crime was done without intent, the case can be dismissed or a not guilty verdict can be given. While it might sound very immature to say that you were just kidding or joking around, a solid case that shows a lack of intent can help get you off the hook.

Pleading No Contest

Another thing that can be learned from Justin Bieber’s troubled history with the law is how pleading no contest can sometimes be the best course of action. In the age of smartphones, famous people are always being recorded and their actions are rarely refutable. With plenty of evidence proving Bieber committed illegal actions, the singer pleaded no contest and accepted a plea deal. While a hefty fine may be rough for everyday people, Bieber’s punishment is barely a dent in his pocket book and he avoided doing time behind bars. Plus, the kid didn’t even have to show up to court!

What Have We Learned?

Justin Bieber is only the most recent celebrity that has had multiple run ins with the law, but his actions and those of his legal team can serve as an important lesson to others in his situation. If you are facing a criminal charge and are looking for a trustworthy criminal defense attorney, contact the law offices of Brian J. Smith at (702) 380-8248 today to set up a consultation.