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Undercover Operation Leads to Many Drug Arrests

Brian J Smith June 21, 2015

A drug bust in Florida shows how seriously law enforcement agencies take the selling of drugs, and those accused of selling drugs in Las Vegas may face serious consequences if convicted.

Drug Busts Targets Those Selling Illegal Substances

While Las Vegas is famous across the world for being the city of sin, not everything goes in this glitzy, exciting haven for gambling and partying. Nevada drug laws are serious, and those charged with a drug crime in Vegas could face severe consequences if convicted. The penalty one receives depends on the circumstances as those who sell drugs might face worse charges than those who buy or consume drugs. Law enforcement agencies use many tactics to catch those who intend to distribute drugs as the recent bust of 43 individuals in Florida shows.

Operation Safe Neighborhood

Starting in December 2014, undercover detectives used intelligence information to make drug buys in the areas of Sarasota with the most drug activity in order to catch suspected street-level dealers in the city. An arrest roundup occurred in May 2015, and the lieutenant in Sarasota announced on June 12 that 43 people were arrested as part of Operation Safe Neighborhood.

The Results

The operation led to the most arrests in a Sarasota street-level effort, and the arrested individuals had 316 felony convictions between them. Some of the charges brought against those arrested were the sale of heroin, sale of a controlled substance and sale of rock cocaine within 1,000 feet of a school, church or park. This operation was one of several, and other operations targeted mid to high-level drug dealers.

Nevada Rules

Crimes related to the sale of drugs in Nevada may be classified as category C felonies for a first offense. The consequences for this type of felony involve a 1-5 year sentence in state prison and a fine of up to $10,000. When accused of drug crimes, a Las Vegas criminal lawyer could help one fight charges and avoid jail time or fines.