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Two Common Ways to Fight a Casino Marker Charge

Brian J Smith March 6, 2013

Failure to pay back casino marker charges in the state of Nevada can result in serious criminal charges – even felony convictions depending on the amount of debt. There are ways to fight these charges, however.

Invalid marker

There are specific types of casino markers immune to prosecution by Nevada district attorneys. Following are specific examples of these types of markers that an experienced legal attorney may focus on in your defense:

  • Markers that fail to include proper documentation such as your signature

  • Markers that fail to outline clear and absolute dates for repayment such as pre-dated or post-dated markers.

  • Markers that fail to properly identify the identities of the parties involved in the transaction

  • Markers that appear to have been altered in some way

  • Markers ear-marked for pre-existing debt

  • Markers that resulted in no actual financial injury to the casino

No intent to defraud

The idea of “intent to defraud” is a difficult legal issue to defend in Nevada. However, there are valid arguments that are sometimes effective in defending this position. These arguments include:

  • Establishing a substantial track record of paying casino markers in a timely manner

  • Onset of serious illness following the procurement of unpaid markers

  • The accusing casino’s contribution to your intoxication which compromised your judgment during the transaction process of securing a casino marker

You can fight a casino marker charge with the right representation. Contact Brian J. Smith at (702) 380-8248 for all your legal needs.

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