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Unemployment Insurance Fraud.

If you are knowingly collecting unemployment benefits that you do not deserve, you are committing unemployment insurance fraud. The whole purpose of unemployment insurance is to provide benefits for an individual who has lost their job and is in a tight financial situation. Abusing and manipulating the system to get benefits you do not deserve is a huge violation and you can face serious consequences as a result.

Penalties That You Could Face

It is important to keep in mind that the punishments that you can face for committing unemployment insurance fraud will vary from one person to the next. Prosecutors are going to look at how much income you were lying about having when you were receiving the benefits and are also going to look at whether you have applied for unemployment in the past. You could be looking at significant jail time and hefty fees without the services of a Las Vegas criminal defense attorney.
The unfortunate truth is that if you are an employee that is accused of unemployment insurance fraud, you can almost guarantee that it will be extremely difficult ever qualifying for unemployment benefits in the future. Every time you apply for benefits, the government will be able to look at your record and see that you lied in order to obtain benefits.
Whether you are an employee or an employer, unemployment insurance fraud is never a crime you want to be convicted of. Fortunately, a reputable Nevada unemployment insurance fraud attorney such as Brian J. Smith will do everything in his power to get your charges reduced or the case dropped entirely. For more information on unemployment insurance fraud or for a knowledgeable criminal defense attorney, contact us today at (702) 380-8248. Let us help you receive the justice that you deserve.

Examples of Nevada Insurance Fraud

  • You return to work but continue to receive unemployment benefits, knowing you are no longer entitled to them.
  • You work a part time job while receiving unemployment benefits and do not report it to the government, allowing you to earn more benefits than what you are actually entitled to receive.
  • You perform temporary or under the table work while you are receiving benefits and earn an income that is not taxed or reported in your weekly claims.
  • You provide false information when filling out the application to receive unemployment benefits.

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