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Robbery Defense In Nevada

Brian J Smith Aug. 20, 2012

In Nevada, robbery is defined as the unlawful taking of another person’s property by force or violence. A person can be charged with robbery by taking something from someone else with force. Even taking something as tiny as candy while using force can account for a robbery charge. It is essential to find a lawyer who understands the legal nuances of this law and one who can properly try a case in front of a jury. This lawyer must fight for clients until the end, since there are high penalties when found guilty.

A person may spend many years in prison if they are found guilty of robbery. Also, a judge usually shows little mercy to someone accused on this type of crime. Most prosecutors act aggressively to convict for crimes like this. There is a good chance that the person will lose all freedoms, so it is imperative to have a good attorney fighting the case.

A Las Vegas lawyer can give legal advice for many cases:

  • Robbery

  • Auto Theft

  • Burglary

  • Shoplifting

Definitions Of These Crimes

Robbery – This includes violence or intimidation that is used to take another person’s property. Verbal threats or injury may occur, but without weapons. Robbery with a deadly weapon is a different offense and involves guns or knives during the crime.

Shoplifting – This is when a person steals items from a store without the use of force. Many times younger people get caught shoplifting. Punishment will depend on the amount of merchandise taken.

Burglary – When a person enters a home, business, or automobile with the intent to commit a felony or steal property. Usually, no weapons are used in this crime.

Auto Theft – Auto theft is often considered car jacking or other ways of taking away another person’s automobile. There is no specific law in Nevada that involves auto theft. [intlink id=”228″ type=”page”]If violence is used, charges will be added[/intlink]. If weapons are used or victims are assaulted, charges will also be added.

Robbery is a kind of theft. In crimes where weapons are used and people get hurt, assault charges and charges like i[intlink id=”1368″ type=”post”]llegal possession of a deadly firearm[/intlink] and robbery with a deadly weapon will also be charged. Tough consequences for crimes of this nature are given out. It is best to find an attorney if there are pending robbery charges in Las Vegas. Success rates of beating these charges without professional help are almost zero.

Penalties For Robbery

Usual robbery penalties include a 2-15 year prison sentence. If weapons were used, an additional 1-15 years of prison time will be added. It is essential to find an experienced lawyer to help fight these charges. No one wants to spend time behind bars if it is not necessary.

The bottom line is that a person should seek legal help when mounting a robbery defense in the state of Nevada. Penalties are quite harsh for both violent and nonviolent crimes. A lawyer will be able to use knowledge and experience to get charges dropped.