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Pulled Over For A DUI? Here’s What To Do

Brian J Smith Nov. 27, 2017

From the moment a police officer pulls you over on a suspected DUI charge, you are under their scrutiny. What you say and do after stopping your car will all affect the outcome of your DUI process.

Pulled over for a DUI? Here’s advice from a Las Vegas DUI attorney:

  1. When you see the flashing lights in your rearview mirror and hear the sirens, you should immediately look for a safe place to pull over. If a police officer suspects you of driving drunk, they start making observations about your behavior instantly. Driving erratically, ignoring their sirens/lights or any other erratic behavior will all be noted in the report.

  2. Once the police officer approaches your car, don’t make any sudden movements unless asked. Chances are, you will still need to provide license and registration, so remember to communicate with the officer, and keep your hands on the wheel unless asked otherwise.

  3. Being polite can go a long way. If you’re rude or berating to the officers, the whole experience will get much worse, very quickly.

  4. You may be asked to perform a field sobriety test, such as a breathalyzer. In Nevada, the Implied Consent Law states that you must submit to Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) testing if requested by an officer. Your consent is implied by driving under the influence. If you refuse, you may be arrested and a BAC test will be performed at the police station.

  5. Once you’ve been taken to the police station, processed and released, it’s a good idea to write down everything you remember from the experience – Both before and after you were pulled over for DUI. Making notes about how much/what kind of drinks you consumed, what time you were arrested, how the officer behaved, etc., can all help your case.

  6. Last, but certainly not least, call an attorney. You deserve to have your rights protected, and an experienced DUI attorney in Las Vegas can help. To have your case reviewed, give Brian J. Smith, Las Vegas DUI attorney, a call at 702-834-7259.