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Police Using Social Media More Frequently To Solve Crimes

Brian J Smith July 26, 2014

Social media continues to dominate the lives of many people across the globe, and cops are no exception. We’ve all heard about stories of police officers catching criminals because of something they posted on Facebook, but are law enforcement officials really utilizing this medium to the fullest? As it turns out, cops have made a major push to utilize the power of social media platforms to not only catch criminals, but to help make the world a better and safer place. Here are some of the ways that police officers are harnessing the power of communication channels for the greater good.

Pinterest Power

It may sound strange for law enforcement officials to be pinning photos to a board while on duty, but cops have been making a strong push to use Pinterest to help return stolen items to their original owners. More than 80 police departments around the country have Pinterest boards currently online, which have been used to solve crimes ranging from burglary and robbery to fraud and sexual assault cases. Additionally, departments have been successful in posting boards of mugshots, catching criminals wanted for unsolved murders and other major crimes.

With a user base of 80% women, Pinterest has become one of the most popular social media platforms for sharing innovative photos and ideas. Because so many women use Pinterest on a daily basis, cops believe that reaching out to this demographic could help solve crimes that never would have caught the attention of these people otherwise.

Social Media Savvy

Over 90% of U.S. law enforcement agencies use Facebook to help solve crimes, but many departments have been hesitant to utilize other social media networks in the pursuit of criminals. Recently, cops have been using YouTube to try and solve cold missing persons cases. By placing a photo of a missing person in front of videos rather than a typical ad, officers around the world are able to receive tips on cold cases that they never would have been able to obtain previously. Other police departments across the nation have begun using Google Hangouts on Air and have set up Tweet-a-Thons in an attempt to reach out to as many eyes as possible.

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