The Perfect Sexual Battery Attorney For Your Needs

When it comes to sexual battery crimes in the state of Nevada, judges take these types of cases very seriously. In order to prove your innocence, you will need a qualified sexual battery attorney with years of experience helping people in your same situation.

What Exactly are Sexual Battery Crimes?

Sexual battery and sexual assaults are terms used to describe a crime that occurs when an individual is forced or threatened into having non-consensual sex with someone else. Sex crimes range from sexual harassment, fondling, assault, battery and even attempted rape.
Anyone who has been convicted of a sexual crime will tell you that it can be nearly impossible to “start life over” afterwards. Unfortunately, society really does not care what you did to get charged with a sexual offense. The fact that you have been charged with one is enough to make people pass judgment on you, making it extremely difficult to find employment.

Hire an Aggressive Attorney To Help You

It is important to understand that not all sexual battery attorneys are created equal. You want to find a highly qualified and aggressive attorney and need someone who has experience with cases similar to yours. Make sure to ask the following questions of your potential lawyer:

  • Have they handled cases like this before?
  • Have they ever gone to trial for a sexual assault case?
  • Do they understand every step of the legal process involved in this kind of case?

For the most part, these questions can be typically answered by hopping online and checking out the website of the lawyer you are considering hiring. If you cannot find the answer, you can always talk to someone form their law office to determine whether or not they are going to work for your specific case.
Sexual battery charges can mean an extended stay behind bars, as well as a hefty fine. Don’t enter the courtroom without having the right legal help in your corner. For more information on a trustworthy sexual battery attorney or for the services of a Las Vegas criminal defense attorney, call Brian J. Smith today at (702) 380-8248.

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