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Our Top 7 Favorite On-Screen Lawyers

Brian J Smith June 4, 2013

Criminal lawyers get a bad rap; but the majority of it is unwarranted. Here’s a rundown of on-screen lawyers who remind us how great our criminal defense system can be.

1. Atticus Finch: To Kill a Mockingbird

Atticus Finch tops many lists; but for rising to the defense of Tom Robinson in a time and culture when black men were considered disposable, he is forever our favorite lawyer.

2. Lt. Daniel Kaffee: A Few Good Men

Tom Cruise wins this spot for not only standing up to the wrath of Jack Nicholson, but being open to advice from fellow attorneys. His teamwork with a Naval lawyer played by Demi Moore actually does get to the truth.

3. Vincent Gambini: My Cousin Vinny

We love him because he makes us laugh. But he also really wants to understand why his case is falling apart.

4. Denny Crane: Boston Legal

He was quirky – okay, strange – and sometimes felt like a grandfather who was starting to veer off course. But when a closing argument required magic, Denny Crane was the man to wow the crowd.


photo by ebravolosada

5. Jake Tyler Brigance: A Time to Kill

The accolades go equally to John Grisham’s writing and Matthew McConaughey’s acting in this portrayal of a young lawyer arguing about justified murder in rural Mississippi.

6. Jack McCoy: Law & Order

It’s hard to choose just one attorney from the Law & Order franchise, but McCoy embodies the spirit of them all. He’s passionate about the law and ethically sound, though not above pushing the rules past the limit to prove a point.


photo by Sharon Graphics

7. Alicia Florrick: The Good Wife

We love Alicia for persisting as much as winning. Returning to the bottom rung of the workforce ladder after years at home, fighting for meaningful cases, and shepherding a family through a scandal proved her mettle in and out of court.

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