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Online Sex Crimes Can Land You In Prison

Brian J Smith Jan. 3, 2015

With so much talk about the dangers of online bullying and the massive amount of attention placed by the media and public on naked photographs on the web, some states have started to take action against people maliciously harming others on the Internet. After posting a naked picture and derogatory comments about an ex girlfriend, one California man is finding out the hard way why it’s not a good idea to say mean things about anyone, especially on the Internet. Find out more about California’s new web-based law and why you need a knowledgeable attorney on your side if accused of a sex crime.

California first to adopt new law

Dubbed the “revenge porn” law, California’s new set of rules aims to protect innocent people against individuals that they once trusted. With an active online blackmarket for exposed photographs, this new law hopes to hold people responsible for profiting off of a victim’s humiliation. Since these revenge porn websites were popping up so frequently, California lawmakers felt the urge to make a change.

With the goal of using the government to protect new forms of criminal activity such as revenge porn, California recently became the first state in the country to convict an individual of a sex crime online. While California is just one of over a dozen states with current laws in place for prosecuting those accused of sex crimes, it is the first to actually sentence an individual. For posting a topless photo of his ex and calling her inappropriate names in an online forum, a California man received a year in jail, 36 months of probation and is required to attend domestic violence counseling.

Importance of a reliable attorney

When it comes to sex crimes, it is never a good idea to put your life in the hands of an unqualified attorney. In many cases, it can be tricky to fight sex crime charges. This is why it is so important to hire a lawyer with years of experience defending people accused of sex crimes. For more information on sex crimes or for the top Las Vegas criminal defense attorney, contact Brian J. smith today at (702) 380-8248.