One Of The Top Las Vegas DUI Attorneys

The biggest mistake you can make after being charged with a DUI is not seeking the services of a qualified Las Vegas DUI attorney. While it might feel hopeless now, DUI cases in the state of Nevada can be made less severe with the right legal team on your side.

Finding a Top Las Vegas DUI Attorney

There are many things that can go wrong with Las Vegas DUI cases. Police officers can botch roadside investigations, blood tests and breathalyzers can be faulty and medical conditions can result in BAC levels that are not accurate. An experienced Las Vegas DUI attorney in the state of Nevada will know all of these things and be able to use them to help win your case.

How Does the Las Vegas DUI Process Work?

When you get arrested for a DUI in the state of Nevada, there are usually two different court proceedings you will have to go through. The first is the criminal case for being under the influence while you were operating a vehicle. After you get arrested, the police officer will give you a citation stating that you will need to appear in court at a later date to address the charges.
The second proceeding involves determining whether or not your license should be suspended. If you have taken the time to hire a DUI lawyer, you will definitely want them to represent you at this hearing. They should be able to increase your chances of not getting your license suspended.
Whether or not your license gets revoked depends on your history with DUIs and your driving record. If you have a bad driving record, a history of DUIs or have a history of drug crimes, you are much more likely to have your driver’s license taken away. Additionally, whether you face jail time or hefty fines will vary based on the circumstances surrounding your DUI, as well as your criminal history.

Get the Protection You Deserve from a Las Vegas DUI Attorney

Depending on your history with DUIs, the penalties you face in the state of Nevada can be quite serious. Let Brian J. Smith provide your case with the attention and knowledge required to get your charges reduced as much as possible. The worst thing you could do for yourself in this situation is not hiring a qualified DUI attorney in Las Vegas to help you. For more information, call Brian J. Smith today at (702) 380-8248 to learn more about the top Las Vegas criminal defense attorney.

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