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Brian J Smith Sept. 14, 2018


One of the most common misconceptions of tourists is that prostitution is legal in Las Vegas. In fact, executives from large hotels and casinos say that prostitution is one of the most difficult crimes to control. Often, this is because Las Vegas is a city where people come to have fun and experience things they would never experience at home which has given it the nickname “Sin City.” Add to the confusion the fact that many tourists are unaware that prostitution is illegal and it is easy to see how many get themselves in trouble when they visit, according to defense attorney Las Vegas firms.

Prostitution in Nevada

It is true that prostitution is legal in Nevada, but only in brothels operated by counties with less than 700,000 residents. Currently, Clark County, where Las Vegas is located, is the only county in the state with more than the required number of residents. This means not only is prostitution illegal in Las Vegas, it is not legal anywhere in the county. In addition to Clark County, Washoe County, where Reno is located, as well as Lincoln and Douglas Counties have made prostitution illegal as has Carson City, the capital of the state.

Prostitution vs. Solicitation

Prostitution is the act of engaging in sexual conduct with someone else in exchange for a fee or something of value. Solicitation is the act of offering or agreeing to participate in prostitution. You can also be charged in Las Vegas if you force, induce or arrange for someone else to engage in prostitution and is known as pandering. The penalties if you are convicted of prostitution are severe with fines of up to $5,000, imprisonment between one and five years or both. If you are arrested for prostitution, it is critical that you contact Las Vegas defense lawyers to help you.

After an Arrest

If you are arrested for prostitution for the first time, you will be charged with a misdemeanor. However, if you solicit a prostitute and it turns out she is under the age of 18, you can be charged with a Class E felony which comes with severe penalties. Claiming you were unaware of the girl’s age is not a defense nor is the excuse you were unaware that prostitution was not legal in Las Vegas. A defense attorney Las Vegas firm can help guide you through the process and work to minimize the negative effects a prostitution arrest can bring.

If you have been arrested for prostitution, soliciting or pandering in Las Vegas, contact the Las Vegas defense lawyers at Brian J. Smith’s law firm. You can arrange for a no-obligation consultation by calling 702-380-8248. You can also complete the simple query form online to speak to a defense attorney Las Vegas residents trust.