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Nevada Concealed Weapons Law

Brian J Smith Aug. 20, 2012

The state of Nevada does not require its residents to have a license in order to buy a weapon. However, they do have strict requirements for CCW or carrying concealed weapons. Here is an article about the different CCW laws, penalties and permits in the city of Las Vegas.

Understanding Concealed Weapons

Concealed weapons are those weapons that are not readily observable. The concealed weapon laws that govern the state of Nevada only include the following items:

  • Machetes and daggers

  • Firearms that include a barrel that is less than 12 inches long

  • Knives that are placed as part of the belt buckle

  • Explosive devices or substances aside from ammunition

Is it possible to carry a CW in Nevada?

This will depend on whether the weapon is non-firearm or a firearm.

What are non-firearm weapons? You are not allowed to [intlink id=”1388″ type=”post”]carry concealed non-firearms in the state of Nevada[/intlink]. Nevertheless, people can contact their local sheriff’s office to get a request permission to carry such type of weapon. The sheriff can review the request and he can provide a permit on a specific firearm.

What are firearm weapons? Those who are living in Nevada are required to have a valid CCW permit that is issued by the state county. This permit allows people to carry a concealed firearm within the premises of the state.

For those who are not residents of Nevada, they can apply to any county within Nevada to get a CCW permit. This is different from having a CCW permit from your respective home states.

For those people who do not have a CCW permit, it is considered [intlink id=”41″ type=”category”]illegal and punishable to carry a weapon in Nevada[/intlink].

It is important to carry both your permit and your ID every time the concealed firearm is carried. Those who are caught with a concealed weapon or firearm without showing the CCW permit will be charged $25 civil fine.

Locations Where it is Not Permissible to Carry Concealed Weapons in Las Vegas

Once a CCW permit is granted, people are allowed to carry their weapons on the premises of any type of public building, except for the following:

  • Public schools and private schools

  • Child-care institutions

  • Airports

  • Federal, local, or state government buildings

  • Courthouses or courtrooms

  • Prison and jails

  • Law enforcement agencies

Even CCW permit-holders are not allowed to carry a weapon in any type of building that has metal detectors. This includes places where firearms are being prohibited by the state or federal law.

What Are the Penalties of Not Carrying a CCW in Nevada?

The penalties of not carrying a CCW permit range from a $25 fine, to a category C type of felony. The latter will include 5 years of imprisonment and a fine that can reach approximately $10,000.