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The Most Effective Ways to Handle Being Accused of a Crime

Brian J Smith Aug. 25, 2015

The purpose of this article is to provide valuable tips for the defendants who are accused of a crime. Readers will learn how to avoid some of the most common legal mistakes.

Liberty: How to Deal With Being Accused of a Crime

Unfortunately, there are a significant number of citizens who go to jail for a crime that they did not commit. To avoid being put in an uncompromising situation, you must take the necessary precautions. In the event that you are accused of a crime, keep the following tips in mind.

Keep Quiet

During the process of interrogation, the police may ask you a long list of questions. However, you have the constitutional right to remain silent. Although you may be tempted to defend your position, the best approach is to stay quiet. Your statements can definitely be used to help incriminate you. If you are taken to jail, make it a priority to not disclose any information to the other inmates. When contacting a friend or family member via phone, do not discuss anything related to the alleged crime. Even after you have been released from jail, avoid talking about the case on social media.

Do Not Give the Police Permission to Search

Upon being stopped by a police officer, he may ask for permission to search you. According to an experienced Las Vegas criminal lawyer, you should respectfully decline. In order to legally search a person, the police must have probable cause. If you flee the scene, the officer no longer needs your permission to pat you down.

Never Miss a Court Appearance

If you are scheduled to appear in court, be sure that you actually show up. There could be major consequences if you decide to not come to court.