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Leading Las Vegas Defense Attorney

Brian J Smith Oct. 4, 2012

Brian Smith, a highly regarded criminal defense attorney in Las Vegas, represents clients who have been charged or accused in regard to state and federal criminal issues. In this capacity he has practiced law in several states before a number of appellate, state and federal courts.

Brian Smith knows that as he fights for your legal rights, he is also fighting for your job, your reputation and your family’s future. His goal is to ensure that his clients’ rights are protected, their interests are preserved, and that they receive a fair legal hearing. Brian has acquired a reputation as a skilled and staunch litigator. Since 1997, he has successfully dealt with a vast array of cases and has earned an impressive winning record in the area of criminal defense from New York City to Las Vegas.

What You Should Know

After graduating from Fordham University School of Law, Mr. Smith worked in Brooklyn, New York in the district attorney’s office. As a prosecutor, he successfully handled a wide range of criminal offenses and also served on the Domestic Violence Bureau while he was with that office.

Brian subsequently established his own law practice in Manhattan and represented private and court-appointed clients in various criminal cases while focusing on violent felonies and drug trafficking. His impressive win-loss ratio in court cases resulted from his experience, expertise and meticulous preparation as he passionately and convincingly advocates for his clients’ rights in court.

Meeting Client Needs

As always, Mr. Smith is dedicated to achieving justice for all of his clients, irrespective of their social position, fame or wealth. If you are facing criminal charges of any kind, you need to safeguard your constitutional and legal rights, and this should be done by consulting an experienced defense attorney in Las Vegas who will do all that he can to help you. In short, you need someone like Brian Smith.

Mr. Smith is licensed to practice in Washington State and New York and all state and federal courts in Nevada. He belongs to the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers and is a board member of Nevada Attorneys for Criminal Justice.