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Las Vegas: One of the Few Places March Madness Pools Are Not a Crime

Brian J Smith March 26, 2013

What sports lover doesn’t look forward to March Madness? There’s the action, the excitement . . . and the gambling. Betting pools are popular in offices across the country, but did you know that they are actually illegal in most states?

The Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992, also known as the Bradley Act, has effectively outlawed sports betting nationwide, with some exceptions. Fortunately for Las Vegas residents, the entire state of Nevada is exempt. Other states like Montana and Vermont allow some betting on sporting events, but with certain restrictions. For example, in Vermont, the bet must be a “winner takes all” format, and there are restrictions on how much an individual can bet.

While most companies usually turn a blind eye to this sort of betting due to the relatively low risk of being caught, it important to remember that it is indeed illegal. Punishment for violating these laws include misdemeanor charges and fines, or in the case of business owners, possible loss of licenses. If you find yourself in need of a Las Vegas criminal attorney, contact Brian J. Smith