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Las Vegas Criminal Defense Attorney

Brian J Smith Feb. 28, 2011

When charged with a crime, all citizens need to be aware of the fact that they have rights. During interrogation, there is the officially recognized right to remain silent. It is important to know all rights and it is the responsibility of each person to research and learn this information.

A Las Vegas criminal defense attorney will be able to provide this information as well as guide a client through the essential procedures and ensure that when having to go through the judicial system, the client will be represented in a fair and legal manner. If you find yourself in legal trouble, it is crucial to request expert legal assistance immediately, because a Las Vegas criminal defense attorney can steer you around some of the common pitfalls that lead to a weakened defense; without this guide, you may have less of a chance of fighting the case and winning.

In the absence of legal assistance from an experienced attorney, a person is apt to receive a conviction that does not always equal justice. A good lawyer will listen, understand, and be able to explain the client’s story. From this information, a good lawyer analyzes facts and looks for legal issues that may correspond with the situation to help defend and protect their client during the trial.

A Criminal Defense Lawyer Las Vegas Trusts

Las Vegas criminal defense lawyer Brian J. Smith works with cases dealing with criminal offenses ranging from violent crimes, drug crimes, and white collar crimes, mortgage fraud and embezzlement law, along with other specific legal issues including DNA evidence and immigration law.

Those awaiting trial for criminal wrongdoing need the assistance of a good criminal defense attorney. The penalty for a criminal offense can be life altering, so obtaining top-notch defense is vital. Criminal charges can be harmful to both one’s status in the community and that of their loved ones. In our society, professional help may be needed in order to get a position of employment, particularly after having a background with a felony charge.

Even though it is unfair to judge people by their past actions, society often does, making it even more important to have elite legal representation if you are formally charged with a crime. When you do, it will seriously enhance the chances that you don’t have to get a label as a felon, sexual offender or otherwise. To protect both your family and yourself, seek the assistance of a criminal defense lawyer you can trust.