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Brian J Smith June 18, 2019

Brian J Smith, one of the most well-regarded criminal defense lawyers in Nevada, is also an experienced Las Vegas credit card fraud attorney. He is dedicated to representing individuals who have been accused in federal and state criminal cases. He is licensed to practice in many states before various appellate, state, and federal courts.


Mr. Smith earned his law degree at Fordham University and worked as an assistant district attorney in Brooklyn, New York. During his tenure as a prosecutor, Mr. Smith successfully prosecuted a wide range of criminal offenses, becoming an expert in all aspects of criminal law.Mr. Smith became licensed to practice law in Nevada in 2008, and moved to Las Vegas to open his criminal defense practice. He is licensed to practice before all federal and state courts in the State of Nevada. He is also licensed to practice in New York and Washington State. Mr. Smith serves on the board of Nevada Attorneys for Criminal Justice, and is a member of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers.


An attorney with experience can make all the difference in your defense. Since 1997, Brian J. Smith has built a reputation as a gifted and tenacious litigator. He has been recognized among the legal community for his tremendous success in criminal defense, handling thousands of cases from white-collar offenses to armed robberies to credit card fraud. Brian is a criminal defense lawyer who wins, and a Las Vegas credit card fraud attorney who understands.Brian Smith knows that he’s fighting for your rights and the future of your family, job, and reputation. He will apply all of his talents to ensure that your interests are protected and your rights to fair legal proceedings are safeguarded.

Practice Areas

Domestic Violence

  • Battery Domestic Violence

  • Domestic Assault

  • Restraining Orders

Casino Marker Debts

  • Casino Marker Default

  • Bad Checks

Drug Charges

  • Marijuana Charges

  • Controlled Substances

  • Intent to Distribute

Federal Criminal Defense

  • Aiding and Abetting

  • Criminal Conspiracy

  • Racketeering Offenses

White Collar Crimes and Fraud

  • Embezzlement

  • Mail and Wire Fraud

  • Mortgage Fraud

  • Credit Card Fraud

Foreign Corrupt Practices Act