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Know Your Rights: Employment After Arrest

Brian J Smith Nov. 7, 2012

If you’ve ever been arrested in the past, your history may be preventing you from gaining employment. Although many states forbid employers from asking about your arrest record, numerous exceptions to these laws exist. For example, if you want to work around children or in a financial position, your potential employer may be required to run a thorough background check on you. In other states, employers can access your records from decades in the past, even if your arrest never led to a conviction.

Clean as a whistle.

So how can you increase your chances of getting hired? A criminal defense attorney can help you navigate the laws of your individual state and clean up your record. You may be eligible to expunge your arrest record. Expunging seals your record from public view and may allow you to legally state you were never arrested. An experienced lawyer can help determine the best path for you. Call Brian J. Smith today for more information about criminal defense in Las Vegas at (702) 380-8248.

Photo credit: adactio via photopin cc