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January is National Personal Self-Defense Awareness Month: Know Your Rights

Brian J Smith Jan. 16, 2013

Did you see someone getting robbed and come to the rescue? Was the perpetrator hurt in the process?

Were you a victim of domestic violence and fought back? Did your attacker (whether it be your spouse, relative or roommate) die as a result?

Perhaps someone broke into your home. Did you shoot him and now he’s in the hospital?

The above cases are common examples of self-defense in Las Vegas. If they happen, although you may need a criminal defense lawyer, chances are you will not be penalized because Nevada has you covered.

The state of Nevada is lenient when it comes to the matter of self-defense. While some states claim that an individual who severely hurts someone when they are protecting themselves can be prosecuted, Nevada says different. Here, if you severely hurt or even kill someone while you are protecting yourself or someone else, it is more than likely you will receive little or no punishment.

Source: via Linette on Pinterest

According to Nevada state law, you likely won’t be prosecuted so long as your self defense claim meets these two requirements:

  1. Your reaction to an attack isn’t deemed as unwarranted or overzealous

If an intruder enters your house and threatens you or your family and you shoot him once, that may be considered justified. Shooting that same intruder six times, however, could be considered excessive.

  1. Your reaction was a result of a serious threat to your safety

You must be able to prove that a real danger existed or that you had a valid reason for thinking it did. Though we’ve all experienced the paranoid feeling that someone is following us, a “feeling”or “hunch” won’t hold up in court. You must be certain the perceived danger is real before you take action.

Since January is National Self- Defense Month, there is no better time to prepare yourself for events like these. Make it your New Year’s resolution to educate yourself on the best practices when it comes to the world of self-defense. It is always smart for people, especially women, to take self-dense classes.

Stay smart and safe in the month of January and be aware of your rights. You never know when you might find yourself in a sticky situation!