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Infamous Slot Scammer Dennis Nikrasch

Brian J Smith Nov. 21, 2012

photo credit: tobym via photopin cc

Dennis Nikrasch is a Las Vegas legend, not for spectacular luck or skill at poker; but as one of the biggest slot machine cheaters of all time. Back in the 1980’s Nikrasch stole imprints of slot machine cabinet keys and used them to open up secured machine access panels to rig jackpot payoffs. Even after being found out and serving a prison term, he returned to Vegas under a new name and a new scam. In that scheme, he used an electronic device that attached to slot machines to alter the internal programming for big wins. It required a second cheater who stood as a blocker to hide Nikrasch’s little device from security cameras. With that modern update on his scheme, he and his partners scored nearly 16 million dollars before going back to serve a second incarceration. His time served was reduced in return for consulting gambling authorities on how to spot and stop similar slot scams. Today, however, Nikrasch is permanently banned from Nevada casinos under any name, having made onto the “Black Book” of blacklisted cheaters in 2004.

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