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Hiring A Domestic Violence Attorney: What You Need To Know

Brian J Smith Dec. 14, 2017

When faced with domestic violence accusations, hiring a domestic violence attorney can help mitigate the stress and legal ramifications that are sure to arise. Here are a few key points to consider when hiring a domestic violence attorney:

  1. Once law enforcement is on the scene, the case is out of your hands. Even if no charges are filed against you by the victim, the prosecuting attorney may still continue to present a case against you. It’s best to have your own representation should the case go to court.

  2. A skilled domestic violence attorney will understand the legal system and will know what information or evidence to present to prosecution to help stop charges from being filed. Certain text messages, phone calls or even receipts can help build a case for your innocence during your domestic violence hearing.

  3. You and the alleged victim’s relationship will change. A restraining order may be filed against you, and you may have to move from your shared home. Being prepared for these events, especially moving, can help keep your mind focused on the case at hand.

Legal representation in domestic violence cases is crucial. Call Brian J. Smith, a skilled Las Vegas domestic violence attorney, who is dedicated to helping those who have been accused of domestic abuse at 702-380-8248.