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Here’s Why an Experienced Attorney in Federal Court Matters

Brian J Smith June 19, 2018

If you are facing a federal criminal investigation, you want to be sure to choose an attorney who has experience in federal court. This is likely not the attorney who prepared your will or handled the settlement on your home. You may not want to use recommendations from family or friend member either. Choosing an attorney for a federal case can be stressful with your life and liberty at stake. You want an attorney who will get you a fair outcome based on the facts in the case in order to avoid what may be a long prison sentence.

Lawyer Specialization

The best way to look at attorneys is to look at them like you look at doctors. You don’t want your family doctor performing heart surgery, so you want a highly qualified heart surgeon. You also don’t want to turn to a brain surgeon or a doctor that specializes in allergies. If you are being investigated for federal crime, you want an attorney who understands federal courts, not one that has only handled cases in county or district courts. When it comes to federal cases, the stakes are much higher than in local courts. Federal crimes often have large financial penalties and sentences that have high statutory mandatory minimum sentences. Federal judges expect the attorneys in their courtroom to understand the rules of the court and will not tolerate delays, especially if the delays are caused by an attorney who is unfamiliar with federal court proceedings. This is why you need to choose the best criminal defense attorney in Las Vegas.

Different Results

The best criminal defense attorney in Las Vegas may be able to keep you from being charged at all if you are simply under investigation and have not been charged. If you have been charged, a qualified federal attorney can provide proof that you are innocent or that the prosecution does not have enough evidence to convict. Choosing an experienced federal attorney could mean dropped charges or an acquittal. If you are guilty of the crime, an attorney who understands federal law may be able to negotiate a reduced sentence.

Ask About Experience

One of the first questions to ask an attorney who says they have federal experience is what their record is with prior cases. You can even research the attorney’s record yourself in order to ask about specific cases. Ethical and responsible attorneys usually have no problem explaining an outcome. But, it is important to remember that each case is unique and the results of one case are no guarantee that your case will end the same way. If an attorney makes promises that seem too good to be true, be cautious about hiring them. An ethical attorney cannot make absolute predictions about cases, as they have no control over the judge or the prosecution. Although it is beneficial to have an attorney who has a relationship with a judge or prosecutor, avoid any lawyer who suggests their relationship can influence your case.

If you are being investigated in a federal case or have been charged in a federal crime, contact our office today to speak to the best criminal defense attorney in Las Vegas. You can reach us by calling 703-380-8248 or email to arrange for a no obligation consultation.