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Get Fair Representation With an Embezzlement Attorney

Brian J Smith Nov. 12, 2012

Why Hire an Embezzlement Attorney

Being charged or investigated for embezzlement oftentimes means you have lost your job and will encounter various other issues including being unable to secure employment. When a company makes a decision to investigate you for embezzling, it is important to bear in mind what the full legal definition is as well as when to consider hiring an attorney.

Defining embezzlement

Embezzlement is considered a white collar crime. The victim is a company or government entity though oftentimes, charities are victims of embezzlement. The person who commits the crime is typically a person who was entrusted with control of certain assets of the entity.

What you need to know

Anyone who is being investigated for embezzlement should contact an attorney. This is crucial as you may not be guilty of embezzlement at all or you may discover that the charges are too steep. There are lesser charges such as larceny that may be more appropriate depending on the circumstances of the alleged crime.

Protecting your rights

While embezzlement is a white collar crime, just because you’ve been accused of this crime does not automatically mean you are guilty. If you are accused of such a crime, you should contact an embezzlement attorney immediately. Suspicion is often raised by an internal whistle blower or through an audit of the organizations books. When you are notified that you are a suspect, you need a criminal attorney immediately to help protect your rights. In fact, you should not talk to your employer or anyone else without making contact with a lawyer.

The potential penalties of being found guilty of an embezzlement charge are very harsh. In addition to fines, jail time and community service, you have to worry about your professional reputation. If you do not have adequate defense council, you could potentially find you are unemployable even if charges have never been proven. This means you not only suffer through the humiliation of being charged with a crime but you may never work in your chosen field again. Loss of income, loss of freedom and a loss of reputation are all on the line if you are charged with embezzling from any organization.