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FedEx Facing Drug Trafficking Charges

Brian J Smith July 18, 2014

One of the largest overnight shipping companies in the nation is in trouble, as a San Francisco federal grand jury has indicted FedEx and accused the company of trafficking drugs for illegal Internet pharmaceutical companies. FedEx officials are claiming that they had no idea of the contents of the packages they were delivering, while federal prosecutors say that FedEx has known about and aided in drug trafficking for years. Is FedEx guilty of knowingly providing companies with illegal drugs or was the shipping giant just delivering random packages?

Indicted For Drug Trafficking

The indictment handed down states that FedEx has known about delivering drugs to illegal Internet pharmaceutical companies for a decade, and that FedEx has taken steps to help protect the businesses involved. FedEx is accused of establishing special credit policies for these businesses, protecting their losses if law enforcement shuts down a website. Despite ten years of warnings from the Drug Enforcement Agency, the Food and Drug Administration and members of congress, FedEx has allegedly continued to ship illegal drugs to suppliers.

Innocent Of Charges?

While a federal grand jury may think that FedEx is guilty, the company believes that it has done nothing wrong. In a statement from FedEx, the shipping giant claims that when it is given a list by the DEA of illegal online pharmaceutical companies, it immediately ceases shipping to those businesses. FedEx delivers upwards of 10 million packages a day, bringing up the issue of taking responsibility for the legality of millions of parcels each and every day. Insisting that they are a transportation company, not law enforcement, FedEx hopes to clear its name and claims that they had no prior knowledge of delivering drugs illegally to online companies.

What Will Happen Next?

Since 2004, the DEA and FDA have warned FedEx at least six times of illegal Internet pharmaceutical companies using their services to deliver drugs. FedEx may be in some serious trouble if this is true, and could be forced to pay for years of negligence. While the shipping company claims that it has cooperated with law enforcement agencies for years, federal officials believe the opposite to be true. FedEx is scheduled to appear in federal court for a hearing on July 29 in San Francisco.

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