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Embezzlement White Collar Crime

Brian J Smith Aug. 27, 2011

The term “white collar crime” is used as a type of slang meaning any crime committed in relation to a business. These are generally financial crimes, and are usually non-violent. However, these are extremely serious allegations and are very often highly complex cases.

These cases are typically handled by a white collar crime lawyer or a Las Vegas embezzlement attorney, and include but are not limited to:

  • Fraud (Internet, bank, wire, credit card, insurance)

  • Bribes and Foreign Corrupt Practices Act investigations

  • Counterfeiting

  • Money laundering

  • Trading, buying or selling proprietary information

  • Embezzlement

  • Extortion

  • Tax evasion

  • Computer Offenses

White collar crime is often prosecuted to the maximum extent of the law. If you or someone you know has been charged with or is being investigated for a white collar crime, we urge you to contact our firm today and seek the best criminal lawyer in Las Vegas from our experienced attorneys and professional staff. We’re here to help.

Securities Fraud

Securities and investment fraud, as defined by Nevada law, is a deliberate deception that is done to gain any advantage that is in violation with either state or federal securities laws.

Identity Theft

Identity theft can be any one of a number of actions that, under Nevada law include: the sale or possession of personally identifying information that is used for the purpose of establishing false identity. Using and/or obtaining any such personal information that could harm another is considered to be identity theft. That means, if you are in possession of another person’s driver’s license with the intent to use it for any unlawful purpose, that could be considered identity theft.

Mortgage Fraud

A Las Vegas fraud defense attorney could very well handle mortgage fraud, and that is a general term that is related to someone purposely hiding or falsifying bank or company information in the dealings of a fraudulent mortgage. Recently, with the onset of the mortgage fraud task force that has been supported by the United States Attorney General and President Barack Obama, Nevada, along with California, Illinois, Delaware, and Massachusetts, has been aggressive with activity and investigations involving mortgage-backed securities fraud.

For more information, check out: FBI White Collar Crime Page