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Brian J Smith Sept. 22, 2018


“I didn’t do anything. What do I need a lawyer for?”

That’s an understandable attitude, though it’s one that every Las Vegas criminal lawyer hates to hear. A lawyer will cost you money, and it seems like an unfair expense if you’re innocent. But a criminal defense lawyer provides a multitude of services to keep you out of trouble — or at least minimize the damage if trouble can’t be avoided.

Here are some of the critical services a good lawyer can provide.

Shield you against intimidation

It’s scary being hassled by the police. Interrogated. Handcuffed. Locked in a cell. Threatened with prosecution and a long prison sentence. The immediate benefit of hiring a lawyer even before you’ve been arrested is stress relief. Your lawyer will calmly intercede, speak on your behalf and act as a barrier between stern law enforcement and yourself. In fact, you won’t say another word to the police unless advised by your attorney to do so.

Explain the situation

What does it mean when police and prosecutors start throwing unfamiliar terms at you? How serious should you take their threats and warnings? Or are they just trying to scare you (and doing a damn good job of it)? Your lawyer has probably dealt with your prosecutor many times before. He or she can quickly untangle the situation, interpret the legalese for you and quickly get to the heart of the matter.

Fight back

Your lawyer knows how to use the law to your benefit, just as the other side uses it to scare you into cooperation. The job of your attorney is to immediately get to work defending your interests. This might start with getting you out on bail. Then conferring with the prosecutors and discouraging the law from pressing charges. If that doesn’t work, he or she will go to trial on your behalf, take off the gloves and use all of their training to your advantage.

Negotiate the best possible deal

If your attorney doesn’t feel like you have a case that can be won, he or she will do the next best thing: try to negotiate a plea to reduced charges. Anytime a case goes to trial, anything can happen. Prosecutors can lose and be embarrassed in the process. Even a winning case takes time and comes with some expense. That’s why it’s frequently in the best interest of the prosecution to listen to a plea. As a result, you might gain probation or a fine instead of spending a day in jail under the best of circumstances.

Call for Help

Check out this article for more information on the importance of immediately calling a lawyer when charged with a crime.

And if the need arises, waste no time contacting a competent and experienced federal criminal defense attorney in Las Vegas. Call Brian J. Smith, Criminal Defense Attorney, today. We’ll discuss your situation and begin to fight back. I can be reached at 702-380-8248.