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The Danger of Road Rage

Brian J Smith March 17, 2015

Statistics show a drastic increase in road rage on the nation’s highways in the last decade. Recent news events show the importance of taking steps to avoid road rage at all cost.

Dealing with the Challenge of Road Rage

Recently in Nevada, a Las Vegas woman was shot in front of her home in what law enforcement officials are referring to as a “road rage shooting.” Statistics show that this is not an isolated case. According to the The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, between 2004 and 2013, the number of fatal automobile accidents connected to road rage increased tenfold, rising from 247 to more than 2,600.

Statistics Do Not Do the Situation Justice

While shocking, the above mentioned statistics do not give the full picture of road rage and its effect on drivers. This is because the survey only includes automobile accidents that resulted in fatalities. It omits nonfatal accidents. Additionally, this report does not comment on the thousands of unkind things drivers do and say to each other that do not result in violence.

How Drivers Can Protect Themselves from Road Rage

According to the National Sleep Foundation, the national epidemic of sleeplessness contributes to road rage. Getting a good night’s sleep helps prevent road rage. The next step is to plan ahead. If a driver leaves in just enough time to make it to their appointment and there is a traffic jam, that driver may be more likely to lose their temper.

According to a research paper entitled “Driver Anger on the Information Superhighway,” the top complaint that led to road rage in 2007 was weaving between lanes and cutting people off. A distant second and third respectively were speeding and general hostility. A criminal lawyer in Las Vegas may represent individuals facing criminal charges as a result of road rage.