Criminal Lawyer Las Vegas NV

Most people are not fully aware of their legal rights. In some instances, this can result in being taken advantage of by law enforcement officials. This is the time when you need the services of the very best attorney. The criminal lawyer Las Vegas residents trust the most is attorney Brian J. Smith. He is the only legal expert you need when you are facing a criminal charge. He knows all of the relevant laws, and will use his knowledge to protect your legal rights. You may find the police are not always looking out for your best interests.

Whether an officer expects you to know your rights without informing you of them, or attempts to bypass the law altogether, you are not obligated to confess or provide any other information without first consulting with an attorney. Do not risk a case falling against you from the start. Instead, speak with attorney Brian J. Smith before you say anything to anyone else.

Knowing Your Las Vegas Criminal Defense

If your home, car, or person has been searched without a warrant, this act is illegal. Some cops go as far as to intimidate citizens into believing they must consent to these searches – This is not true at all. If a search has produced evidence that can be used against you, a competent attorney well-versed in the nuances of criminal law will know exactly what to do. The judge may need to be notified, and it is possible an unlawful search may result in the charges being dismissed.

Criminal Lawyer in Las Vegas: Brian J. Smith

You are considered innocent until you have been proven guilty. If your case goes to trial, all jurors need to agree that you are guilty. When you have an excellent attorney, you will have a much better chance of the verdict being in your favor. Even reasonable doubt is enough to have you declared not guilty of the crime. However, it takes a good lawyer to increase your chance of a favorable verdict. Solid representation is the key to winning.

Your criminal lawyer in Las Vegas should know how to use the law properly to help each client. Brian J. Smith has more than fifteen years of experience as a criminal defense lawyer. When you choose Brian for your legal representation, you can be confident that you are being represented by the best. Rather than worries and fear about what the future holds for you, having an experienced attorney working for you will mean peace of mind. He is definitely the defense attorney you need to represent you.

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