Criminal Defense Spotlight: Zurich Fraud Case

Two Las Vegas residents, along with 4 other individuals, have been indicted on fraud and conspiracy charges. The two Las Vegas men Antony Brandel and Joseph Micelli were arrested last Thursday, while James Warras of Waterford, Wisconsin was arrested the following day. Sean Finn of Whitefish, Montana, Martin Schlaepfer, and Hans-Jurg Lips of Zurich, Switzerland have not yet been arrested.

Federal criminal defense attorney Brian J. Smith is representing Antony Brandel in the case, but reported that it was too early to comment. The men are accused of using funds from investors for their own purposes, and falsifying bank transactions. They also face allegations of failing to file tax returns to the IRS.

While the initial arrests have been made, authorities are still investigating which, if any, of the allegations are true.

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