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Criminal Defense Lawyer in Las Vegas

Brian J Smith Oct. 4, 2012

Las Vegas is often referred to as the “City of Sin,” given the wide array of temptations the city houses. Las Vegas is also a major destination for travelers from all over the world, and when so many people of diverse cultures clash in such an intense environment, misunderstandings and unfortunate situations often result. If you find yourself accused of criminal conduct resulting from events transpiring in Las Vegas or the surrounding area, you need to take important steps to ensure that your future livelihood is not at risk. By contacting a criminal defense lawyer Las Vegas courts trust, you will have the best chance of attaining a livable outcome. For 15 years, Brian J. Smith has developed a reputation for effective criminal defense representation thanks to his consistent success in the court room.

Mr. Smith is considered by some as the finest criminal defense lawyer Las Vegas has to offer, as he is licensed to practice in federal, state and appellate courts in a number of states. Mr. Smith has represented clients across the country and is dedicated to helping every client obtain a fair trial in which both sides of the story are adequately illustrated. Experience is crucial for effective criminal defense work, and Mr. Smith has a wealth of experience, having handled thousands of cases. Mr. Smith’s 15 years of practice have provided him with insights other criminal defense attorneys cannot offer. Experience cannot be replaced by any other skill or strategy, and Mr. Smith has helped clients dealing with drug charges, robberies, white collar offenses and everything in between.

Past clients have praised Mr. Smith for his relentless representation and willingness to go the extra mile for clients. Mr. Smith is a skilled and resourceful advocate, and every client gets the same top-notch treatment. While some attorneys may not prioritize every client in the same manner. Mr. Smith understands that criminal charges, however minor they may seem in comparison to someone else’s case, can have a dramatic and lasting effect on a person’s life. Thus, he treats every client as if they were his only client. Mr. Smith aims to create meaningful relationships with every client so that he can represent them in the most competent manner possible.

If you have criminal charges pending against you, there is no time to ‘wait and see.’ Contact Brian J. Smith at 702-380-8248 to learn how he can help you.