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Commited Embezzlement? You’re Not Alone

Brian J Smith Jan. 2, 2013

photo credit: splorp via photopin cc

Many employees, approximately 75 percent, have committed embezzlement, or, rather, stolen at least once from their employers, according to It is a common occurance in the United States, but what may be a simple error can also cost you your job and your reputation. That’s why if you have been accused of embezzlement, it is imperative that you contact an embezzlement attorney in Las Vegas at once in order to protect yourself from false or loosely-based accusations.

Mistakes happen, and while reports an approximate $50 million in stolen assets each year, a simple explanation can often be determined for an overlooked report. Most often, approximately 37 percent of the time, a manager is responsible for lost or stolen goods. At least 15 percent of the time it is a clerical error, so if you have been accused of embezzlement, contact an attorney at once to better understand the legalities surrounding your situation.