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Commission of a Crime With a Deadly Weapon

Brian J Smith Aug. 20, 2012

If there is a deadly weapon involved in a crime, Las Vegas judges will give harsher punishments. Keep reading if you want to know how a [intlink id=”41″ type=”category”]Nevada firearms offense attorney [/intlink]describes the ramifications of using a deadly weapon, like a gun. Using a weapon like this can make your sentence longer.

When a person has been convicted of a criminal act in Las Vegas, the prison stay will be longer if the suspect uses a deadly weapon like a firearm or even tear gas during the crime. If the weapon was a necessary part of the crime itself, the sentence will not be increased.


In Clark County, if the court believes that a deadly weapon such as a firearm was used during a crime, the judge can add up to twenty years to the final sentence. The longer sentence may not exceed the sentence for the actual crime.

In Nevada, the longer sentence for using a deadly weapon during a crime will be considered using the following factors:

  • The facts about the alleged crime

  • If a person has a criminal history

  • The impact that the crime had on the victim

  • Any factors such as mental disabilities or other mitigating factors

  • Any other relevant information

The longer sentence will run consecutively with the original crime sentence instead of concurrently. If the firearm was used during a murder, kidnapping of the first degree, [intlink id=”1390″ type=”post”]robbery[/intlink], or sexual assault in Nevada, the court will not be able to give out probation or suspend the sentence.

You should also know that if you are an immigrant, there is a chance that you might get deported if you are convicted of the crime.