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Changing Behaviors to Promote Safer Driving

Brian J Smith June 9, 2015

Both those who become angry while on the road and those who are targeted by aggressive drivers can take steps to protect themselves from dangerous situations while driving.

Ways to Reduce Road Rage While Driving

Driving in a popular tourist destination like Las Vegas can always result in challenges. Whether you feel yourself becoming angry at the actions of other motorists on the road or experience someone else directing hostility towards you while driving, there are ways to handle these behaviors either perspective. Drivers can take steps to protect themselves from hostile drivers and stop themselves from getting angry while driving.

Preventing Aggressive Responses

When studying aggressive driving, which can constitute any unsafe action done intentionally with ill will, the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety found that 56 percent of fatal crashes involve potentially aggressive actions like illegal passing or tailgating. Making an effort to not offend other drivers could help you stay safe as some specific behaviors seem to lead to aggressive responses like cutting off other drivers, tailgating or driving too slowly in the left lane.

Combating Your Own Bad Driving Habits

Those who often get angry while on the road can also take steps to ensure they do not commit a regrettable action. Adjusting one’s approach to driving can reduce negativity and stress while driving. Motorists can do this by remembering that driving is not a contest and by allowing extra time when traveling as removing the need to get to a destination in the shortest time possible can help drivers relax. Techniques like deep breathing or listening to calming music can also help drivers feel more relaxed.

Seeking Help

Everyone needs help sometimes, so trust your instincts if you feel like a driver is targeting you. Call 911, or drive to a police station or an area with many people if you do not have a cell phone. If anger is a problem for you, courses for stress relief or anger management could make a difference in your life. If you are ever accused of crimes related to road rage, consulting a Las Vegas criminal defense attorney can also be beneficial.