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Celebrities in Trouble: Crimes Committed by the Famous

Brian J Smith Oct. 24, 2012

Everyone knows that celebrities like to get into trouble with the law. Being a high-profile personality isn’t an easy job, and the occasional slip-up or run-in with the law is bound to happen. Here are some of the most memorable celebrity crimes:

Winona Ryder - Photo by PM - Il Piccolo Missionario

Winona Ryder, famous for her roles in movies like Reality Bites and Beetlejuice, was apprehended in a Saks Fifth Avenue in Beverly Hills for shoplifting. According to Ryder, she just “forgot” to pay for the thousands of dollars in merchandise she was carrying in her purse…

Martha Stewart - Photo by david_shankbone

Martha Stewart, the know-it-all homemaker famous for her recipes and at-home craftiness, was taken to the big house in 2004 after an insider trading charge. After her time in jail, Stewart launched an extensive PR campaign that has since revamped her wholesome housewife status.

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