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Casino Markers: What Happens if You Fail to Pay One

Brian J Smith Jan. 2, 2013

Casino markers are used to allow a gambler an extra amount of time before the casino cashes their check, encouraging the gambler to continue to place bets. But if you find yourself unable to pay back a casino marker, there are several steps that are important to know about and you may need a casino marker lawyer to help you with this process as well.

Main photo image by: Marit & Toomas Hinnosaar

  1. The casino will try to withdraw the money you owe them from your back account.

  2. The casino will then send a letter giving you 10 days to pay them back if funds are not available in your bank account

  3. If you do not pay the casino or they cannot find you, the district attorney will take over and a “criminal complaint” against you will be filed. Another letter will also be sent giving you 10 days to pay the district attorney’s office.

  4. If you don’t pay, a warrant will be issued and at this point not only will jail time need to be served, it will still be necessary to pay back the funds.

These steps indicate the steps a casino will make if a casino marker is not paid and again, contact a casino marker attorney, especially if criminal charges are filed.